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Take your whole team into exceptional centres & practice

Share fresh perspectives and reflection to step up in quality practice together

Your team's ongoing learning and reflection toolkit to...

Protect · Rethink · Transform & Flourish

Set your team up to share, grow & evolve together - over the next two years!

Gain 2 years' access to expertise, tools and resources relevant for both individual and team learning.

Use this toolkit to share fresh perspectives, reflection and establish shared goals and practice in your whole team.

Support your Educational Leader to flourish in their role, and gain planning tools for your team's shared focus on quality improvement.

With access to these 3 Team eLearning packages

for your team to engage with course videos & presentations together

AND... for up to 21 educators to complete a full online course, relevant to their individual professional development.

Select any 7 educators to complete the relevant online course/s below:

Protect · joyful childhoods

Identify and respond to children at risk

Every child deserves a joyful childhood. As mandatory reporters, we have an important responsibility to be aware and to know what to do.

This course supports Early Childhood educators to understand your responsibility; with how to identify signs of possible harm or abuse, and how to respond.

Protect · joyful childhoods

Rethink · understanding & approach

Behaviour Rethink for educators

Be part of the solution to see each child flourish. Behaviour Rethink inspires and guides educators with fresh perspective to reframe and understand behaviour, using the Phoenix Cups framework™.

- Use child-focused practice to review your approach and curriculum to reduce stress and triggers.

- Explore the impact of your responses and language to support self-regulation.

- Use tools to develop a shared plan and a consistent approach to guide social/emotional and behavioural learning.

Rethink · understanding & approach

Transform · with fresh purpose, priorities & inspired practice

Transform Pedagogy for authentic learning

Become empowered with a toolkit of professional wisdom and resources to inspire your 'hearts, heads and practice' as educators.

Shift from the hectic pace and pressure of churning out activities to 'tick off' learning, and nurture authentic interactions in relationships and environments instead.

See the big picture, by understanding important theories and research that can change your thinking and practice. Use critical reflection as an ongoing tool to consider other perspectives and to inspire your practice.

Transform · with fresh purpose, priorities & inspired practice

What's included in each of the 3 Team eLearning Packages?

Up to 21 educators in your centre team receive 2 YEARS' access to one relevant full online course, to support their individual professional development.

The nominated service leader receives 2 YEARS' access to TEAM SHARE as a practical tool for your whole team's learning journey. 'Team Share' is designed for the service leader to use the course videos and presentations to engage in shared team professional learning and conversations, in small groups and large team meetings.

  • TEAM SHARE provides access to ALL the videos and presentations in each of the 'Protect, Rethink & Transform' courses for one centre team, for up to 26 people.

  • PLUS ACCESS TO FULL ONLINE COURSES - Select any 7 team members to complete the relevant full online course: Protect children at risk, Rethink Behaviour and Transform Pedagogy. These selected team members receive all course resources, learning checks, and a course certificate on completion.

  • 40% DISCOUNT COUPON - For up to 19 additional centre team members to access any/all of the Protect, Rethink or Transform full online courses. For teams larger than 26 people please contact us for a quote.

Flourish · grow, develop & thrive

PLUS... Flourish as an Educational Leader

This online course has been designed for inspired and skilled educational leadership. The five course topics support your Educational Leader to:

1. Gain clarity and fresh purpose

2. Lead an inspired curriculum

3. Build a team focus on quality improvement

4. Step up in leadership

5. Be an effective coach and mentor.

***This bundle includes one registration - for your Educational Leader.

Flourish · grow, develop & thrive
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Pricing options and your next steps

Nominate the service leader to receive Team Share access to these 3 courses' videos and presentations.

We will contact you to arrange the rest!

FAQ - or let's talk! P: 07 3204 4336

  • Who registers and signs up for team share access?

    To register you will need to nominate the centre educational leader, manager, or director who will receive the team share access. This person will lead the professional learning within your team of up to 26 people, using the relevant presentations and videos in each of the 3 courses.

  • Who receives a certificate to acknowledge the professional learning on course completion?

    The selected people who are registered in the full online course receive a certificate, on completion of the course and its learning checks.

  • How many people can register for access to the three full online courses in one centre team?

    Each of the three Team eLearning packages includes registration for 7 team members as a single user access to the full online course, If you would would like additional team members to participate in any of the full online course/s you will receive a 40% discount for up to an additional 19 people in each course. If your team is larger than 26 people, please contact us for a quote.

  • Is the online course access transferable if the registered person leaves the team?

    The online course access is provided to a single user only using their personal email address, and is strictly non-transferable to any other person/s.

  • How does this bundle promote quality improvement in the NQF?

    Educators are encouraged to reflect on their interactions with children and the curriculum, and consider ways to improve practices throughout our courses. They will deepen understanding of practices aligned with Belonging, Being & Becoming (EYLF) & National Quality Standard (NQS), in: NQS QA1 Educational program and practice: 1.1.1 & 1.1.3, 1.2.1 & 1.2.3, & 1.3.3 - NQS QA2 Children's health and safety: 2.1.1, 2.2.3 NQS QA3 3.2, 3.2.1 & 3.2.2 NQS QA4 Staffing arrangements: 4.2.2 - NQS QA5 Relationships with children: 5.1 - 5.1.2, 5.2 & 5.2.2 - NQS QA6 Collaborative partnerships with families and communities: 6.1 & 6.1.2 NQS QA7 Governance and leadership: 7.2.2

  • Are there options for First Door consultation in combination with this Team eLearning Bundle?

    Yes, we love to work with your team in combination with the online courses provided in this team bundle. We are able to arrange consultation either by Zoom or in-person. Travel fees apply for in-person consultation out of Brisbane area. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

  • Am I able to arrange payment from an invoice instead of by credit card or PayPal?

    Yes, please contact us or email: [email protected] to arrange an invoice. You will need to advise the service leader's name and email for team share access. You also have the option to advise the number of selected additional people to complete any of our full online courses (on top of the 7 already included in the bundle). Additional people receive a 40% discount off the normal online course fee within 4 months of team bundle registration.

  • How do I access the 40% discount coupon for additional team members to participate in the full online course?

    Your nominated service leader to receive Team Share will receive an email from us with instructions. You have the option for additional people to complete any of our full online courses (on top of the 7 staff for each online course already included in the bundle). Additional people receive a 40% discount off the normal online course fee. The 40% discount coupon is valid within 4 months of your team bundle registration. The nominated leader will need to detail the names of up to 26 staff in your centre team. All registered people using the provided 40% discount coupon must match the listed names on this centre team list.

Support your team with 2 years access to...

Protect · Rethink · Transform & Flourish together

Support your team with 2 years access to...