Risk & supervision to support active learning

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the online course: Risk & supervision
  • 2
    Online course resources
    • Online course workbook for reflection and notes
    • Resource: Learning Outdoors - benefits and risks, by Nature Play SA
    • ACECQA resource: QA2 - Active Supervision: Ensuring safety and promoting learning
  • 3
    PART 1: Active supervision to support active learning
  • 4
    PART 2: Provide an environment to support children's safety and wellbeing: hazard and risk management
    • TUTORIAL 3: Risky play Vs Fear & Anxiety, by Niki Buchan
    • The Sector article: Prosecution for approved provider, fine for nominated supervisor after serious incident
    • ACECQA Risk assessment and management
    • TUTORIAL 4: Hazards Vs Risk and risk benefits, by Niki Buchan [use cc]
    • Benefit Risk Assessment - Sample: Tree climbing
    • Activity Benefit - Risk Assessment template
    • TUTORIAL 5: Provide an environment for children's safety and wellbeing, by Andrea Isitt
    • ABC News video & article: Daycare centres are exposing children to risky play, and there are unexpected results
    • Part 2 Learning Check
  • 5
    PART 3: Support children to respond to risks
    • TUTORIAL 6a: Supporting children to recognise and respond to risks, by Andrea Isitt
    • TUTORIAL 6b: Supporting children to respond to risks, by Andrea Isitt
    • 5 easy steps to being an observer, by Clare Caro - Nature Play UK
    • Poster: When you want to say "Be careful"
    • Supporting children's resilience - Resilience research "I Have, I Am, I Can"
    • Part 3 Learning Check
  • 6
    Next steps
    • Here's where next...
    • Before you go...

Course Facilitators

  • Andrea Isitt

    Course creator and facilitator

    Andrea Isitt

    Andrea commenced studying early childhood development over 30 years ago, and this started a career focused on achieving best outcomes for children in Early Childhood. After several years working as a qualified educator and leader, Andrea co-founded First Door in 2012. Her passion as Company Director is driven by her desire to promote exceptional education and care for children.

    Andrea promotes respectful practice that nurtures emotional security and a natural childhood. She is an avid researcher and shares views from Dr. Emmi Pikler and many leading Early Childhood theorists, play and learning ambassadors, and from current neuroscience research. Andrea has been influenced by her experience of Early Childhood Education in New Zealand, and by visiting Bush Kindys and Forest Kindergartens in Norway, California and Australia.

  • Niki Buchan

    Course contributor & Tutorial facilitator

    Niki Buchan

    Niki has lived and worked in South Africa, Scotland, and in Australia since 2011. She is considered a leading voice in promoting Nature-based practice and is the author of “Children in Wild Nature”, “A Practical Approach to Nature-based Practice”, “Adventurous Play” and "STEM Detectives". Niki has worked internationally as a conference keynote speaker, nature pedagogue, mentor and author.

    She has a deep concern for children's mental health and trauma. Children's wellbeing, resilience, learning and holistic development are supported when educators provide every day opportunities for children to be outdoors in nature, especially when they are experiencing adventurous play with challenge. Niki's partnership with First Door was formed through our connection in advocating for children to have a quality and natural childhood. Our work promotes children to be trusted as capable so they are active learners, with the support of skilled educators.

  • Clare  Caro

    Course contributor

    Clare Caro

    Clare Caro is the founder of The Pikler Collection, Nature Play® (UK) and Authentic Learning Environment. As an ongoing learner, researcher and writer, her wealth of insightful knowledge is shared through her websites and in workshops. Clare embodies this knowledge and shares practical application through Nature Play groups, and in every day life and pedagogy with her own two daughters.

    Andrea and Clare have enjoyed professional collaboration since 2016. Clare is a strong advocate for supporting children to be active learners in authentic learning environments, and for supporting the natural unfolding of development. This knowledge has contributed to the resources provided in this course.

Risk & Supervision: Team eLearning package

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